The comfort of sitting at home, on your couch and playing casino games online can’t be matched with anything else. The fact that online casino can be accessed from anywhere gives it an amazing approach.


Online Blackjack is one of the best-loved classic table games that provide the convenience of playing anywhere, anytime. You do not have to commute a long distance to play this amazing classic live casino game. So, let’s take a look at the Blackjack gameplay. 

Start with small hands

For the matter of fact, if you are a beginner and you don’t want to bet on a huge amount of money in betting, fearing you might lose money since you don’t know anything, then online Blackjack casinos provide the best way out. You can start with an amount of money, without fearing a huge amount of loss. On the other hand, in land-based casinos, you are bound to pay a requisite amount of money, which is quite huge so you might think twice before putting that much amount of money.

Lesser bad deals

Blackjack involves a lot of deal-making amongst the player and the dealer. In land-based casinos, such deals can be of high risk or may involve loss for the player over the long term. In online blackjack games, there is a lot of variety to choose from and gives the player an opportunity to choose the best table.

Also, there is another thing that people follow a tradition to tip the dealer with whatever amount they want to, after winning the amount in the casino, but in online Blackjack, there is no such tradition, whatever you get, is yours, you do not need to tip anyone.

Tired of standing at the casino table and waiting for your turn? Not anymore!

When you are playing online casino games, you can play anytime. Even if you want to play for a limited period of time. To log in to your online casino platform and start playing your favourite blackjack variant won’t need hours of your time that you would generally put to travelling to a land-based casino and then look for tables there.

Amazing variety of games available

While in land-based casinos, you have limited options available, as the casino only accommodates Blackjack variants that are popular with them.

On the contrary, if you go for online casinos, there are unlimited options available, be it Triple 7 or Double Blackjack and many more that you can play.

Easy cashout

The cash-out amount that has to be withdrawn after winning in the casino, is not a cakewalk, as it may seem.

To withdraw or cash the amount that you have won in the casino, there is a huge line where you will have to stand to get the money. The time consumed during that is huge and you might end up getting frustrated. The online casinos have an amazing advantage of cashout, as soon as your game is done, you checkout easily and voila! there you get instant payment on your account. This reduces the extra work to be done to get the payment that you have won.


Although playing Blackjack has many advantages, there are some disadvantages also that cannot be ignored. Firstly, you cannot play the old school trick of card counting here, since all the shuffling and other things are done in the computer itself, you cannot count the cards, which proves to be a disastrous flaw for those who are good at card counting and could win lots of money by card counting trick.

Secondly, while in land-based casinos, you can see who the dealer is, what are his facial expressions during the game, what are his actions, you kind of get an idea what cards a player is holding, but in online gaming, you cannot determine any of the above-mentioned game dynamics, hence proving  disadvantage for those who might be benefitted from observing the face of the dealer.

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Posted On: 30/08/2019

Author Name: Robert Bowron