Different Types of Table Games to Play

The gambling industry contributes heavily to America’s G.D.P. To put it in numbers, gambling pumps $137.5 billion into the economy and is attributed to employing over 730,000 people. Experts projected that by the end of this year, revenue generated from gambling will reach a $511 ceiling. Those numbers are enough to draw interest for both investors, punters and bookmakers. Casino establishments try to cash in on this by providing a conducive environment for gamblers to have fun by availing popular table games. Punters continually try to learn new strategies for maximising their winnings. For this reason, we have compiled a list of popular table games which are played in the casinos today.

Different Types of Table Games to Play


Blackjack is a simple table game in which the punter is pitted against the dealer. The punter aims to draw cards that total or are close to 21 than in the dealer’s hand. All cards apart from aces and face cards are equal in value, i.e., 10. Aces are worth either one or 11 and it depends on the punter.

When starting with the table games, the dealer distributes two cards to every player that face up. The dealer also has two cards in his possession: one facing up and the other down – the hole card. The rule of thumb is that the dealer doesn’t turn their hole card until every player plays their hand. Players have one of two options: stand or hit. The latter allows them to receive an extra card while, in the stand, they don’t take any more cards. Most players continue hitting until they reach 21 or go above it by “busting”.

The dealer then turns their hole card after every player plays. Though the rules change from one casino to the next, generally, the dealer has to attain a score or 16. They can only stand when their hand hits 17 or higher.

A comparison is then made between the player’s and the dealer’s card. If they are the same then, no one wins and it’s called a push. If your cards are less than 21 and equal or exceed the dealer’s cards, then, you win.


If taking your risks excite you when gambling on table games, then, Craps is your game of choice. In Craps, all punters share losses, risks, and rewards. You will be pleased to know that there are no wrong bets placed in Craps. But there are a few do’s and don‘ts when playing it. The don’ts include forfeiting your turn as the shooter multiple times, drinking or eating at the rail, cheering against the shooter, and failure to tip your dealer when losing.


Baccarat is a popular table game owing to the fact that players can only make two decisions when playing it. These are the amount you want to bet and whether you are betting on the player or the bank. More experienced players can choose to bet on a tie, which means the bank or player tie at the end of the game.

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