Basic Online Slot Terms You Should Know

Online slots are one of the most played online casino games in today’s times. For the players who are fairly new to the online slots and their features, there are certain terms that are important to be understood while playing. These terms help the players in getting a better understanding of the slots. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used terms and their meanings.

Basic Online Slot Terms You Should Know

Slot game symbols

There are the normal online slot game symbols that are used to make winning combinations and then there are three other special symbols that are:

  • 1. Wild: The wild symbol acts as a substitute for any other symbol on the reels and can make winning combinations.
  • 2. Scatter: The scatter symbol can trigger some bonus features in the slot game. The players are usually required to land this symbol in certain numbers on the reels.
  • 3. Bonus: Much like the scatter symbol, the bonus symbol also starts a special feature or a bonus round. A combination of 3 or more is required on the reels.

Special features

Another aspect that the players often see in a slot game are special features. There are many kinds of special features but amongst them, these are the most common:

  • 1. Multipliers: The multipliers as the name suggest increases the number of your winnings to certain times. These can go as high as 50x in some cases.
  • 2. Free Spins: Free Spins feature rewards the player with a certain number of spins that they can spin for free and can reap the benefits from them.
  • 3. Gamble: The gamble feature often gets activated when a player makes a winning combination. In this, the player has to play a small gambling game and has a chance to increase the value of their current win.
  • 4. Bonus Rounds: The bonus round is a mini-game or a mini-feature that is attached to the main slot game with the purpose of making the experience interesting and giving the players a chance to win better.
  • 5. AutoPlay: The autoplay feature lets you spin the reels without hitting the spin button for a certain number of times. 

Payout terms

Understanding how you will get a payout for your bet is also very important. This can be done easily when you understand the following terms:

  • 1. Winning combination: A winning combination is the combination of three or more symbols on the reels.
  • 2. Paylines: Paylines are usually preset symbol combinations that pay the players when the similar symbols land on them. The pay lines can be fixed or adjustable.  
  • 3. Paytable: Paytable is the tabular representation of the payouts that are made to the player on making winning combinations.
  • 4. RTP: Return To Player percentage is the percentage defined by the casino of how much money is paid out to the players in an online casino game.
  • 5. Progressive and Non-Progressive Jackpot: The jackpot prizes whose size keep on increasing with every player that joins the slots are progressive jackpots. The fixed jackpots are non-progressive ones.
  • 6. RNG: Random Number Generator is the technology that slot games are based upon. The RNG picks out the numbers randomly and makes combinations on the reels. 

Bet Related Terms

A few bet related terms will help you in placing your bets:

  • 1. Bet Level: This feature determines the level of bet that a player wants to select for a game. The bet levels can be from 1-10 and each bet level can have higher coin value so that there are more variations in betting. 
  • 2. Coin Size: The coin size is the currency value of a coin that is used for betting. 
  • 3. Bet Max: Bet max is the maximum bet that can be placed on a spin including all paylines. 

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The above-given terms are the most basic terms that are used in slots. Learning them can make it easy for you to play online slots. However, if you still get confused about any feature during your gameplay, there is an information section that can be accessed at all times. 

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Posted On: 28/06/2019

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