Roulette Strategies to Increase the Odds of Winning

If you have finally convinced yourself to play the most renowned game at the casino i.e. Roulette, we expect you to strategise the gameplay. Make the most of the game by following the basic rules and game plan. We have prepared a comprehensive set of guidelines for you to explore the entire hidden and back end gaming secrets which the gaming masters use at a live casino while playing a variety of casino games.

Roulette Strategies to Increase the Odds of Winning

Game nuances

The game is a platform for people fascinated by casinos featuring a wheel with slots of red and black colours marked with numbers from one to thirty-six along with an additional number 0 with a green colour slot placed on them when itself. Roulette has various typologies ranging from European to American the slot of 0 varies. In the 2 styles of Roulette, the difference lies in the zero, i.e. in European Roulette, there is one slot for 0 in the wheel whereas it is double zero or single zero in the American Roulette game. It is recommended to play the former more than the latter as the chances of winning are higher, however, the medium of entertainment is equivalent in both the game typology.

Further, the game is based on bets wherein the dealer spins the wheel and throws a ball inside and the slot wherein the ball finally stops becomes the winning number. If the number predicted by you is the correct number or the slot colour matches, you win the bet or else you lose.

Basic rule book

One must be aware of the basic rules of the online casinos, irrespective of the choice of casino, in order to retain the discipline of the players playing the game along with enhancing your winning chance. When you are playing the game of Roulette, the game will provide you with a bunch of options to place your bets with odd and winning prices different for different bets. The number of bets can be placed as per your desire considering the fact that the minimum at the table is inapplicable for wagering individually. Once the croupier has waved a hand on the table of Roulette, you cannot lay bets any further. The bets made are of 2 types namely inside and outside with the first one made on the grid of numbers and the second at the outside of the whole layout. Rules like Surrender rule, En Prison rule and La Partage rule help in-game channelising benefitting both the player and the online casinos.  

Strategising your bets

Once you have perfectly mastered the game, try spinning the wheel. Hold your horses and don’t get too excited, the thrill of the game helps in winning but you should also be aware of the losing side. Don’t lose hope as everything is possible in the game of online Roulette. Here are a few well-known strategies to turn the tables:

Martingale strategy – Even if you lose the bet, you can earn minimum profit and try and recover the losses in the past only by making your bet double to the present bet. In order to take full benefit from this specific Roulette strategy, it is recommended to select the table with a high and maximum bid and a small and a minimum one.

Reverse Martingale strategy – As the name says, this method is entirely opposite to the Martingale strategy wherein you need to decrease the bet once you lose the game and enhance them after a win. This will lead to a minimum amount of lost money and one can capitalise on the hot streaks.

Fibonacci strategy – The famous mathematician Fibonacci from Italy had derived a series in the early twelve hundreds which stated that in an entire series, the number on the third place is the summation of other two numbers which are preceding the number. The players use the above fantastic method to make their game-ending profitable.

D’Alembert strategy – This is a relatively safer strategy to the first and second as mentioned in which a person may decrease the bets as an eventual process one by one after a specific bet or increase it after losing once. This is a safer option to end the game and can be used in online casino games.

James Bond strategy – Ian Fleming had designed this strategy, which helps a player win luxury jackpots. However, to use this strategy, a player must keep a large amount. A large part of this is placed on relatively high numbers and the rest on numbers from thirteen to eighteen. If you get a number between one to twelve that bet will be lost and you will have to choose another strategy but if the ball stops at any other number, a chance of winning profit increases.

These strategies along with other Roulette strategies are generally used by the game veterans with the analysis of their own profits and losses. The best solution is to try the strategy that suits you best before placing huge bets and eventually choose your favourite one over a period of time.

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