Poker: Basic Strategies to Understand

Poker: Basic Strategies to Understand

To win a game of Poker, you need to make sure that you are applying appropriate logic as well as strategy. It is also your responsibility to remain consistent with how you are playing so that you can start getting better at the game of Poker. For anyone who is playing Poker, there are certain important techniques, which can be appropriately used for staying ahead of fellow Poker players at casinos.

Winning strategies of Poker

Few of the winning strategies of Poker include: 

The Rock

This is known as the tight passive manner of play. Here, contestants are interested in playing a few cards and hardly bet or raise unless they have an extremely strong hand, which is going to turn the entire game towards them. The strategy of these players is playing tight so that almost everyone present on the table starts folding and it becomes easy to read players. 

To get the ideal outcome, this strategy needs to be used based on the techniques of the opponents. This is going to stop them from becoming aggressive. They also stop looking for weak spots. Apart from that, if you are successfully making any hand and there are certain draws left on the table, which can challenge you when they are raised, you need to make it extremely unprofitable for fellow players to hit the draws. If you find that the opponents are calling infrequently, they have the risk of losing money and you are going to win. 

One benefit associated with this strategy is that there will be a limitation on the starting hands, which is going to reduce the chance of losing. Not only that, if the Poker table is complete with aggressive players, this is going to be a great technique because other contests are going to do bluffing and betting, and you will get all the action without doing any betting. 

Calling station

The calling station strategy of Poker is also referred to as loose passive. It is popular among the beginners, who are aware of betting frequently and have the thought that the opponents have the chance of folding anytime. However, there is a chance that they are going to call bets as and when possible because they can hit the run luckily or catch opponents who are bluffing. 

However, it has been observed that seasoned players also commit a mistake of calling-in constantly, which is responsible for exposing the manner of the game to the opponent and make them the easiest possible targets. However, by deciding to act as call stations, this trap can be avoided. 

The tag

The tag, also known as the tight-aggressive player, is that player, who plays only a few hands and is also famous for regularly betting or raising. However, this player hardly makes a call. They are extremely selective and are going to play the ideal starting hands in most of the games. These players are sufficient and are not going to raise until they receive the best opportunities for striking. In the game of Poker, they are also known as sharks. Skilled players prefer not to compete with tight-aggressive players because they prefer clashing with softer targets, who will fold under pressure. 

The concept associated with this strategy is that players have to play minimal hands but this has to be done aggressively. It is recommended to try aggressive stances when playing the game of Poker as this helps in changing close spots to favourite spots. Forcing players to react to moves will make them commit errors, which you are going to benefit from and win this game. 

Lag play

This strategy is also termed as loose aggressive. It is particularly characterized by those players who prefer dealing with many hands while betting and raising frequently but hardly call any bets. However, the loose aggressive strategy is one of the high stake strategies, which needs to be used by skilled players only. These players will be racing and firings cards and are aware of pouncing on any weakness from opponents. It is also not easy to decipher this strategy but once understood, it is undoubtedly an amazing strategy of Poker. 

Several Poker strategies can be used for outwitting opponents. However, you need to research properly and understand the techniques that are going to work perfectly for you.

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Posted On: 01/12/2019

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