The Logic behind James Bond Roulette Strategy

The Ian Fleming spy novels with the main character James Bond are famous all around the world. The MI6 agent has all sorts of unique talents and Mr Bond is also a very successful Roulette player.


The James Bond strategy requires placing only three bets and is a very simple betting system to use. As James Bond was a hero of the novels, he was always successful in his bets. This remains strictly a realm of fiction as this strategy results in a negative expectation in the live casino. There is also a way to play using this strategy that results in a positive expectation.

How does the strategy work?

The James Bond Roulette strategy is a flat betting system. In this, you wager the same amount of money every round. It is very popular among the casino players because of its simplicity. However, the strategy only works on the European Roulette wheel (single zero). It requires each round of betting to use 20 units. It can either be 20 large units to increase the win or 20 small units to decrease the win.

3 bets that the player needs to remember are:

The first bet requires the player to bet 14 units on the number bet 19-36.

The second bet is for the player to bet 5 units on the number set 13-18

Players bet the remaining 1unit for the ball to come to rest in the third bet.

Does the 007 overcome the odds?

Even the great James Bond cannot beat the house edge in casino games like online slot, Live Blackjack, scratch cards and Roulette. You will experience losses in the long run by using this strategy. For instance, imagine that you spin the Roulette wheel 37 times and each number is hit once. Using the 007 system, you will end up losing £20 every spin. You may be right that the odds of hitting 37 different numbers in 37 spins are high. You can either win or lose and it depends on how lucky you are. This tends to even out in the end, and the numbers say that you will be at a loss when you use the James Bond strategy.

The James Bond strategy is everything but perfect

When you use this strategy, what you are really doing is speculating. It may seem like a smart move to cover more than half the table in bets, but the odds will always favour the casino. You may have a continuous losing streak and getting out of such a situation is hard or even impossible.

It can be fun and entertaining to use this strategy but don’t expect to be a high-roller.

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Post Name: The Logic behind James Bond Roulette Strategy

Posted On: 11/09/2019

Author Name: Robert Bowron