How to Handle Online Casino House Edge

The basic principle that governs casinos and keeps them in business is making a profit from games whose results depend on luck or chance. These games generate, on average, a lower income than overall wagered amount. This offers an in-depth look at how casinos handle this.

How to Handle Casino House Edge

The Handle

The handle is the most crucial term any online casino player, casino owner or dealer should know. It is the total amount of money players wager. For example, in craps, all the wagers placed are included in the handle regardless of whether they win or lose; cash or chips or paid on money wagers such as the 30-1 for wagers like two and twelve or the pass line.

Many rookies substitute the handle, i.e. total wagers for the drop. For the establishment, the drop is the money exchanged for chips- the round wooden pellets handed out by the dealer. In blackjack, the total drop is the amount of money found in the metal drop box affixed to the table. Therein, all credit slips and bills are dropped into it. In certain casinos, the handle is used instead of the drop. To be sure, ask the dealer.

Factors Influencing Online Casino Handle

Time on the device is the most important factor that influences the casino handle. Casinos bank on maximizing their profits by increasing the house edge, the average bet and the time a player spends on the machine or table. The handle is a subset of the game’s speed, the average bet and the capacity of use. That’s why it is unlikely to find a $5 minimum wage in a blackjack game.

House Edge

The house edge of an online casino is the numerical advantage the casino has over the player on every wager. Because the house edge remains unknown, it plays to the advantage of either party. But the casino is businesses that need to make the bottom line, which is made up of the profit the casino makes after the total payouts. In practice, casinos may payout more money than they hold. The hold percentage is the relationship between the drop and the casino win.

For example, if a slot machine pays out $85 but had $100 inserted, the online casino win is the difference, i.e. $15. The hold percentage is dependent on the total wagered amount. A $1 per spin slot that records 1000 spins means simply means $1000 was wagered. Winning $20 sets the percentage at 2%.

Analysis of the Hold Percentage

The American Roulette wheel is useful in explaining hold percentage in an online casino. In it, the casino has a 5.26% house edge. In the end, the game will most likely have a $20 drop, which means, players are more likely to place more wagers against the 5.26% edge.

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