How Roulette Simulator Works?

Considered a game of chance, not a lot of people think/know that they can get the better of something as simple as a Roulette wheel. Novices to the gaming field think that they can be no way that a Roulette wheel can be influenced but experts beg to differ. There are even real cases of professional gamers who have, with experience and patience, managed to get better of something as unpredictable as a Roulette wheel!

How Roulette Simulator Works?

Is it possible to get the better of Roulette?

On a busy night in the month of May 1969, a mere medical professor by the name of Dr Richard Jarechi managed to astound the crowd and win a modern equivalent of more than $8,000,000. And converse to the popular belief it wasn’t a lucky bet in any way. This was the first time that someone proved that it was possible to get the better of Roulette too and all it needed was some patience and being able to observe the Roulette wheel long enough to understand the inherent biases. And even today this is the number one advise anyone who is planning to bet on the Roulette wheel gets – don’t just jump into the bets but take some time to observe how the wheel behaves.

But all that needs a lot of time and patience!

Though it is a tried and tested method to observe before making bets with Roulette, it can be a time taking process. Whether it is the conventional European or American wheel or it is online Roulette it takes a lot of time, patience and experience in observing the wheel and recognising the patterns. But who has the necessary time and patience to spend hours looking at the Roulette wheel these days? And even if you do have the time, do you have enough experience to recognise the patterns? If you aren’t sure, there is a simpler way to get the better of the God of Chance – Roulette Simulator!

What is a Roulette Simulator?

To put it in simple terms, a Roulette simulator is a computer program. Using this simulator you can spin any Roulette machine at high speeds. This means that as opposed to spending a lot of time observing the Roulette wheel in action you can use the program to simulate the spins quickly and collect and observe the data and predict the inherent biases of the wheel. Basically, this simulator can be used to get the better of any online Roulette game. 

Advantages with the Roulette Simulator

Given that most gaming websites provide gamers with a chance to get familiar with the Roulette games for free, why should one use some separate software for it? You might think that you can conveniently take advantage of the free play to understand the biases of the wheel. So, why go for some separate software to test the system?

Well, there is a popular idea that free play games are designed in a way to attract players and motivate them to play for money. Hence, most free-to-play games generally are designed to ensure the players win, so that the chances that the player plays the actual game increase. This means that the actual Roulette wheel you play to win and the trial wheel aren’t the same. Hence, testing this wheel will not help in winning at pay to play games. But when you consider Roulette Simulator, the analysis is carried out on the actual wheel that you play to win. This means that you are analysing the actual game and designing your strategy around it, thus increasing your chances of success.

Additionally, Roulette Simulators that are currently available are very advanced and come with a number of features. They are very similar to the actual game in the sense that you can specify the number of spins before stopping, select your bankroll, the starting bet size and more. If you wish, you can specify whether or not the bet should change after the starting bet and how it should change. Finally, there is also an option to stop a target win goal if and when you please. So, given all these options you will be able to tweak all the various chances so as to devise a fool-proof strategy which can help you in playing the game efficiently.

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Posted On: 04/10/2019

Author Name: Robert Bowron