How Casino Slot Paylines work?

You may have heard of video slot games and you may be wanting to play Online Slots for the very first time. However, you have heard of paylines and have no clue as to what these paylines are or how they work. Not to worry, this article will briefly educate you on what slot game paylines are, as well as how they work. Read on.

How Casino Slot Paylines work?

What Are The Paylines Of Online Slots?

Quite simply put, in the game of Online Slots your objective is to land matching symbols in order to earn for yourself a win. The line of these matching symbols can be three, four or even five depending on the number of reels is known as the payline. The payline is basically a line bet or otherwise called betting line. The early slot games came with a single payline with wins recorded when three identical symbols horizontally landed on the line.

However, nowadays you have virtual slot machines offering several payline options. A pay table is usually available and displays the number of paylines that are offered by the virtual slot machine you intend playing. Now players can match up identical symbols on a vertical, diagonal as well as horizontal axis.

There are slot machines with fixed paylines where you have to play all the paylines at once. You also have slot machines with dynamic paylines where you can play only the number of paylines you prefer. As a newbie, it is advisable to play a lesser number of paylines. Playing 5 or lower paylines should be ideal, to begin with.  Also, the number of reels will determine the number of symbols that can land on a payline. If for example, you are playing 3 Reel Online Slots, it means that three symbols will land on a payline.

The Workings Of Paylines

Paylines come in various forms. You can have paylines in a straight (vertical or horizontal) form, diagonal or even shaped in a zig-zag format. In Online Slots, you will only benefit from a payline when a wager has been placed on the payline. So, if you have a zig-zag payline and you place a bet of £10 on it, you will only win by landing matching symbols on the zig-zag shape.

If you achieve this feat, then, this zig-zag payline will payout what is expected for a win based on the value of the matching symbol involved in the win. As mentioned before, you have fixed paylines which only accept bets on all the paylines at once. There are also flexible paylines where you are allowed to place bets only on the number of paylines you prefer.

Finally, there are Online Slots that will only pay for matching symbols landed from the left-hand side to the right-hand side of the reels. On the other hand, there are those slot machines that will pay for matching symbols made in any direction.

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