Tipping Etiquette for Live Casino Games

Tipping at an online casino has been customary for decades and is considered as a gesture from the customer to appreciate and support the service of the dealer. No matter where one is playing, tipping is a necessity and should be done. The live casino game dealers also rely on your tips and it does make some share of their income. The tip that the dealer receives is for their behaviour, service and their overall treatment offered to the players. There are numerous duties that the dealers at the live casinos perform to make your gaming experience the best. There are a lot of online casinos that allow tipping on the live dealer games. In this article, we will be talking about the etiquette of tipping and how they should be used in a live casino game.

Tipping Etiquette for Live Casino Games

The Basics of tipping at a live casino

Many different online casinos have different tipping policies for their dealers. Some casinos do not allow tipping whereas some of them have a limit on it. However, it is always better to tip the dealers serving you. Now the first question most people have is how to tip at a live casino? The second is when to do it? 

Generally, at a land-based casino, the dealer is tipped when your time at the table ends and you are leaving the game. It can also be when the dealer is ending their shift and has served you. It is also good to tip the dealer when you get a big win. This should be the basis of tipping in the live casinos as well.

The tipping scenario for each live casino is different. In some cases, the players can just tip in cash and in some cases, they can tip a part of the chips they have won. You can do it as per the rules of the live casino you are playing at.

How much should you be tipping?

Since we have answered when and how to tip, the next question is how much? There is no distinct guidelines or a set amount to tip that you must give the dealer. However, the bigger the winning you make or the bigger your bet is, the bigger should be the tip. At the tables where the minimum bet is low, a lower tip is expected and at the high roller table, the higher tip is expected. However, this is the decision of the tipper themselves.

If we were to consider the percentage, a 1% tip can be considered the best. You can also take a look at how the other players are tipping and do the same.

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To conclude 

Pick up your favourite game and make use of this tipping guide. Tipping the live dealer is important as they deserve the credit for the work they put in for you. You can decide the tip depending on your budget and the kind of service that you have been provided. A bigger win always demands a bigger tip. So, being generous always means better service.

Post Name: Tipping Etiquette for Live Casino Games

Posted On: 26/06/2019

Author Name: Robert Bowron