Boost Your Chances of Winning Roulette Using Newtonian Laws of Motion

Boost Your Chances of Winning Roulette Using Newtonian Laws of Motion

We understand that people who have a passion for gambling are constantly thinking of discovering effective ways of beating the casino and hoping to get a ticket to a massive amount of wealth and riches. Roulette is purely a game of luck or chance that could be predictably provided you have adequate knowledge of the forces and conditions involved. 

We know that once a roulette wheel has been spun, the ball would be set into motion all along a track in an opposite direction; we know that the fate of precisely which slot the moving ball would be landing up is actually sealed for good. Precisely which way the wheel and the ball would be starting their trajectories would be governing their rendezvous with fortune and destiny once the ball leaves the track, and starts bouncing around and comes to rest at the wheel’s specifically numbered spoke, rewarding all the passionate gamblers who had been betting on that specific result.  

Role of Science in Winning Roulette

Since times immemorial, science has been used to beat the casinos. Even today, people are trying to succeed at Roulette with the effective use of science. Many expert scientists have clearly explained and revealed the precise physics that works behind forecasting where the ball would be landing. Here are some roulette facts.

  • Sometime during the late 1970s, some people tried beating a roulette wheel using computers.
  • They utilized the famous laws of physics by Newton for estimating precisely where the ball would be heading to. This attempt backfired as the computer had a break down in the casino.
  • Using cutting-edge technology, you could use Newton’s Law of motion to achieve success.

Role of Mathematics in Beating Casino to Win Roulette

Numerous stratagems for beating the casino roulette have been chalked out and implemented but could science ultimately win the game of luck? It has been designed in such a way that the casino would have a definite advantage at all times. The odds would be varying from wheel to wheel, however, with a standard European Roulette wheel, a player could be expected to lose about 2.7 per cent of their bets and with a standard US wheel, and the player could be expected to lose 5.26 per cent of their bet. Moreover, unlike other games such as Blackjack, in which the odds would be changing once each and every card is dealt, in this case, the odds would remain constant irrespective of which numbers had come up in the earlier spins since each one would be treated as an independent trial.

You could come across a host of claims on the web that assure a win with an effective combination of money management stratagems and betting, if you examine the Mathematics behind all these techniques and theories, the claims would be proved false in terms of real casino conditions. We see then that Mathematics is not able to offer any solutions. However, Physics may come with certain fruitful techniques.

Newtonian Laws of Motion Behind Casino Roulette

We understand that the laws of motion of Newton could provide a proper prediction of the way the ball would be acting on the wheel using a formula that would let you know how the ball would be slowing down when the gravity would be pulling it right from the wheel’s rim and it could additionally predict the precise number slot, the ball would end up in. Each roulette wheel would be different and even the hindrances that compel the ball to bounce around and jump could be quite challenging to calculate. 

However, theoretically, it is quite possible to make a prediction precisely where the ball would be landing when the spin begins. You could still place your bet at this stage. We have a pretty robust and sound understanding of the movement of the Roulette wheel and ball that are governed by the laws of motion laid down by Newton. We have already discussed that as the ball starts slowing down, gravity would be taking hold hence, the ball would be falling into a numbered compartment. Moreover, in this context, you must know that it could be predicted when precisely the ball would be leaving the wheel’s rim. Every Roulette wheel seems to be slightly different hence, the exact slot number where the ball would be landing, simply cannot be forecasted in advance.


Players must be concerned about their safety and stick to playing roulette on only those casino sites that are registered and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. You could then rest assured of getting a fair opportunity to win. Casinos could protect themselves by modifying the ball’s appearance on the screen while there is no impact on the result of the specific virtual spin. Nobody could then consider cheating the system with the assistance of certain computerized prediction algorithms.

Post Name: Boost Your Chances of Winning Roulette Using Newtonian Laws of Motion

Posted On: 15/12/2019

Author Name: Robert Bowron